Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School

Care, Connection, Continuity

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School History

In 2023, we are celebrating 60 years at RPA Hospital and 100 years of Hospital Schools in NSW!

Our journey started when convalescence in hospitals was for an extended period. Young people would be in hospital for weeks, and sometimes months, so NSW Department of Education schools were established within hospitals to meet the educational needs of young people. 

Today the model of care at RPA Hospital has changed to a short term stay ward, but the strength of our interagency connection has continued. The RPA Hospital School operates from the RPA Children’s Ward and connects patients and/or siblings to their learning, school and community. We work with patients in the Emergency Department and other wards throughout the hospital. Our educators are also available for outpatient appointments, to provide an educational lens to discussions, and to plan for the holistic care of young people.