Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School

Care, Connection, Continuity

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Using technology

At Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School we can offer an iPad to borrow for students to access their google classroom, zoom and other online platforms so that they can stay connected to their school and their learning.


Our telepresence allows students to connect with their home school as well as our teachers in a fun and engaging manner. Think of the telepresence like a robot iPad, allowing you to access all your online schooling as well as talk and connect through voice and video calls. These allow our teachers to communicate and deliver lessons bedside with students without physically being in the room themselves due to restrictions such as illness. 


The teachers at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School incorporate Spheros into their lessons. Students are able to have curriculum based geometry and science lessons as well as pick up skills in coding and engineering. They also have the capability of music and art functions to further engage students in their learning experience.