Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School

Care, Connection, Continuity

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Our learning environment

At Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School we are committed to ensuring students remain connected to their learning, connected to their school and connected to their community. 

How we teach

The teaching takes place within the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital near the Children's Ward, bedside in other wards and virtually when required. We have a duty to provide high quality educational opportunities which are appropriate for children who are temporarily or permanently affected by ill health or disability.

What is involved

All of our students who enrol into our school are offered a complimentary bag filled with a sketch book, colouring pencils and a book of their choosing from our library to keep. All of the lessons given to the students are tailor made to the individual based on public NAPLAN and school data from their home school as well as what the students would like to learn for the day. 

For every student that has a lesson, an individualised learning plan is made up and sent to their home school teachers complete with everything they accomplished during the day and an evaluation of how they went. We also provide a reflection surveys to both the students and guardians, which we use to constantly improve our teaching practices to give the students the best possible educational service.

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