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Care, Connection, Continuity

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Connecting with the community

At the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital School, we strive to work with families, schools, hospital staff and the community as a whole to provide students with the best possible education during their stay at the hospital. This includes our outreach transition programs, communicating with the students home school as well as working together with the staff in paediatrics to deliver a whole-based approach to learning. 

Importance of school in hospital

Below is an example of the impact our teachers have had, not only on the students, but on the families and community around the them to continue their education and learning whilst in hospital.


Partnerships and collaborations

Building strong partnerships with schools

To ensure we are sharing relevant information, and collaboratively planning for young people between services, we are reaching out to our local schools, so they have a deeper understanding of the work we do at RPA Hospital School and to ensure we are a conduit of information and support for our local schools. 

We continue to connect with our local schools through presentations to Learning Support teams and executives. Our principal and assistant principal Wendy and Linda, visited Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus and presented at their 8am meeting. Our data indicates we have a significant number of students from this school so it is important we continue to build upon, and strengthen the relationships with the team that will continue to support students once they have left the hospital. So far the feedback from all of our outreach presentations has been positive.

NAIDOC community day

We had an invitation to share a NAIDOC celebration with our partner school Glebe Public School. The theme ‘For our Elders’ was an opportunity to honour and learn from our local Elders and celebrate together the lived experiences and perspectives of our First Nations people who continue to pass down their knowledge through the generations. It was a privilege for our school to be invited to such a joyous event and connect with our local families, and colleague throughout the Education network.

The hospital community

The RPA Hospital School team works in direct collaboration with medical teams and allied health professionals of the hospital. Teachers will liase with the paedetric ward and emergency services as well as sit in during clinical outpatient appointments to bring an educational lense to the ongoing therapy of the students.